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Poll: Opening the comm for searches AND an opportunity to co-mod!
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hpthemes_mods wrote in hpthemes
Hi, everyone!

It's recently occurred to your mods that it's hard in some corners of fandom to search simultaneously for themes and characters. Some character-centric (and pairing-centric) communities allow for searches by theme, but others require searches be for specific fanworks only. It seems there might be a need for a comm that will allow for one to ask other members for recs based around BOTH a pairing AND a theme.

Should this community be a place for that?

There are a couple of things to consider. One is that it will mean more traffic on this community, which could be a plus or a minus. The mods don't have the time to log recs that aren't on our main pages. We also don't want to become a community in which people DO look for specific fanworks, as there are plenty of communities in which one can do that. So there would likely need to be some moderation of posts, either by approval of posts (which would lead to a delay in posting) or by deletion of rogue posts.

We are considering opening this community for such use, or possibly creating a new community (with a name like "hpthemes_find"). But if there's little interest in this sort of functionality and members of hpthemes would find it annoying, well, we'll leave it at that :)

Poll #1788947 Opening the comm for searches

Would you like the community to allow searches by members?

There should be a separate community for such searches.

If we decide to open the community for member-directed searches, should those posts be moderated?


Comments are, of course, very welcome!

ALSO: We are once again looking for volunteers to co-mod with us. This is not a "Save Your Community By Modding It" request. The community WILL survive regardless of whether you volunteer.

However, your mods are busy people and would love it if someone with a lot of passion and enthusiasm for this community would join us for the long term. We are willing to work out as a group (songquake, lost_stray_cat and whoever steps forward) what responsibilities each mod would have. We're pretty easygoing :) We're also a little overwhelmed some weeks, and would love to have another mind/pair of eyes/pair of hands to help us out. Please feel free to PM either of us individually or together as hpthemes_mods to discuss the possibility of coming aboard!

Thanks again for participating in this awesome community. It's really nothing without its members!

Love, songquake and lost_stray_cat
AKA hpthemes_mods

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Heh. I personally would LOVE to have a comm where theme searches are allowed for any pair/threesome, het/gen/slash, any character etc, just like we have here. The theme searches should be allowed either by theme alone or narrowed by pairing/s and/or character/s or by a combination of themes that a person is looking for in the same story, etc.

The reason is mostly because I have such a strong preference for some themes and types of fics, that I am willing to read different pairings just for the sake of the theme/s! :D So yes, I vote for such a comm! :-) (whether here or elsewhere, depends on what others would prefer...)

There are already HP search comms, two I use regularly are: hp_ficsearch hpstoryfinders One of them allows general theme searches and the other is for specific fic searches.

Hm... Maybe affiliation would be the way to go, then; lost_stray_cat had brought the issue to my attention because she didn't know a place where one could search any pairing with any theme. hp_ficsearch seems like it does fit the bill, and it might be better use of resources for folks to go there and us to direct folks there.

Oh I am very happy that there is hp_search, I am totally going to use it! I didn't know there was a comm like that...Thanks gategirl! :)

I think you might be right, songquake. I am glad though that 22 out of 24 people so far thought that either there should be a separate comm like that or this comm should allow member searches

No problem, glad I could help. Using that comm was actually the reason I got an LJ account years ago, so glad I could pass it along.

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