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New Theme: Mind Magic!
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hpthemes_mods wrote in hpthemes
Hi, everyone!

I apologize for going AWOL over the past couple of weeks; internet at our house has been down, and (like many) I can't get away with doing fandom stuff while at work. There had been plans to spend last Saturday mooching internet at a local cafe, but a crazy snowstorm put paid to that.

BUT! We're back! And since it's my birthday this weekend, I've decided to ask for recs for one of my favoritest themes ever:

What do we mean by Mind Magic? Occlumency, Legilimency, the effects of Obliviation, potions that create a link between two minds, mental bonding, Mind Healing. There is a great wealth of really amazing works that involve mental arts and sciences, and I WANT THEM ALL.

(Birthday-mod is greedy mod!)

For subthemes, we need to know what kind of Mind Magic is involved. Here's a template for the recs that I hope will come pouring in:

And iffen you should want to pimp, here's some code for that:

Thanks, everyone! We'll have more updates after lost_stray_cat and I have had a chance to email about some stuff.

And, as always, HAPPY RECCING!

Love, songquake for hpthemes_mods

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Mind Magic recs! (Setting a good example!)

Title: Les Liens des Beaux Reves
Creator: Cybele
Working Link: http://snapeff.quasi-evil.net/home/endfest2/archive/lelien.html
Type of Mind Magic: Dream magic
Pairing (or gen): Snape/Harry
Status (art/WIP/complete/etc.): Complete, fest fic
Rating: Explicit/NC-17
Creator's Summary: Severus and Harry take a nap at Dumbledore’s insistence.

Contributor's comment: So, I think I first read it around the time that it was first posted at the SSHP Fuh-Q-Fest in 2005, and it has stuck in my mind as one of the greatest Snarry fics EVER. God DAMN. It's hot and it's plotty, and Manipulative!Dumbledore does his best to get our boys together, and... MM. Just utter goodness.

Title: A Year Like None Other
Creator: Aspeninthesunlight/aspenlight
Working Link: http://archive.skyehawke.com/story.php?no=5036
Type of Mind Magic: Occlumency and Legilimency
Pairing (or gen): Gen
Status (art/WIP/complete/etc.): This story is complete, though the series is still in progress
Rating: PG (though I'd warn for torture and disturbing themes)
Creator's Summary:It all started with a letter from home and family. Except, Harry doesn't really have either, does he? He's about to get them. A Snape-adopts-Harry story providing an alternate 6th year. Winner: Multifaceted Best Genfic, Best Draco Fic.

Contributor's comment: Yes, yes, I've recced this a million times, it seems like. But the way Snape teaches Harry Occlumency is just astonishingly well thought out, constructed, and written, and the use to which Harry puts it... *shivers*

Title: A Reckless Frame of Mind
Creator: lomonaaeren
Working Link: http://lomonaaeren.dreamwidth.org/tag/a+reckless+frame+of+mind
Type of Mind Magic: Psyche-Diving, Mind Healing
Pairing (or gen): Harry/Draco preslash
Status (art/WIP/complete/etc.): Complete
Rating: T
Creator's Summary: HPDM preslash, AU post-war, no DH spoilers. Draco is a Psyche-Diver, and his newest patient is Auror Potter, who’s been a pathological liar for over a year—and has just tried to violently end his own life.

Contributor's comment: The work Draco does inside Harry's mind is phenomenal; they way Lomona describes the magic of both Psyche-Diving and the issues going on with Harry's mind are amazing, as is the development of how Harry's symptoms present and why Draco chooses the course he does.

Title: In Loco Parentis
Creator: songquake
Working Link: http://songquake-fic.livejournal.com/17680.html
Type of Mind Magic: Legilimency
Pairing (or gen): Teddy/Draco pre-slash
Status (art/WIP/complete/etc.): complete, fest fic
Rating: PG-13
Creator's Summary: The problem with Metamorphmagi is that they're so rare, no one really knows what to do when they get sick.

Contributor's comment: My own stab at the genre...

Title: I'd Have To
Creator: owlbait
Working Link: http://hprarepairs.livejournal.com/602076.html
Type of Mind Magic: Imperius Curse
Pairing (or gen): Millicent Bulstrode/Stan Shunpike
Status (art/WIP/complete/etc.): Complete, One Shot, fest
Rating: NC-17
Creator's Summary: Stan is free from Azkaban and from captivity, but he may never be free from the Imperius Curse. This is why it is Unforgiveable.

Contributor's comment: Oh, it's creepy and hot as all get-out. The ethical considerations by themselves get me all hot and bothered.

Title: (Open Up) and Breath
Creator: talekayler
Working Link: http://hd-bigbang.city-of-lights.org/fic/open.html?
Type of Mind Magic: Magical 'sight'.
Pairing (or gen): Harry/Draco
Status (art/WIP/complete/etc.): Complete
Rating: NC-17
Creator's Summary: Harry Potter wasn't reintroduced to the wizarding world when he was eleven. When they find him, nine years later than they should have, things are much different.

Contributor's comment: I really liked this unusual story. Harry was not a Hogwarts student and becomes acquainted with Draco post-Hogwarts. That and Harry's unique way of 'seeing' things make for some challenging situations. The story flows smoothly as the characters have a little different dynamic. The writing was beautiful and so was the artwork.

Mods: I couldn't get the tags to load. I'll be happy to fix it if I can figure out how to make them load for me.

Re: tags - when are you having trouble getting tags to load? I'm able to click on tags both in the list on the page and on the entries themselves and get a the list of entries thus tagged. I want to help address the problem, but since I'm not having the problem myself, I feel a bit at a loss.

Title: Dream Machine
Creator: riptey
Working Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5988862/1/Dream_Machine
Type of Mind Magic: a machine that magically induces feelings of guilt in a person's mind
Pairing (or gen): Draco/Hermione
Status (art/WIP/complete/etc.): complete one-shot
Rating: K+
Creator's Summary: The former blood purity sympathizers are subjected to a magical machine that induces guilt in large doses. Hermione thinks it's torture, but sometimes the ends justify the means. D/Hr and some R/P, starts darker and gets lighter.

Contributor's comment: It does indeed start rather dark, but it makes you think.

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