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Old themes, new recs! AZKABAN and MIND MAGIC!
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hpthemes_mods wrote in hpthemes
Hey, everyone! How are you surviving the latest round of LiveJournal discontent?

I've been pretty out-of-the-loop, at least in the last 24 hours or so. So out of the loop that I (songquake) totally forgot to share the files of banners with lost_stray_cat and am therefore doing the weekly post...again. (Bad Mod! You're supposed to share the modly duties! That's why there are co-mods!)

(And really, we're lovely people, if anyone wants to join us...)

Anyway, this week we're using our Time Turners to take us back to a theme from April 2010 and a theme from just last week!

The older of the two is Azkaban.

For that theme, we once again are providing a brand-new template:

Here, if you'd like to pimp it, we've got code!

We're also still looking for awesome recs for last week's theme of Mind Magic.

Recs were kind of thin on the ground for this one, much to my personal disappointment. There must be Mind Magic creations I haven't seen yet! *bats eyelashes at the sweet, sweet reccers*

I'm kind of run ragged at the moment with internship and paper-writing and fic-writing, so we still haven't completely resolved the bookmarking site issue. The best way to find the most current recs remains the LiveJournal Master List, as unwieldy as it is. We'd love to have the issues resolved soon, but your mods need to be realistic about our ability to get more done right now.

That said, I'm hoping to get the FAQ posted sometime before Christmas, so right here, as a comment to this post, is a great place to leave the questions you've had about the hpthemes community and our archiving practices. What has been confusing for you as a community member? What weird things do we do that make no sense to you? What do you wonder about this community we call hpthemes?

We want to know so we can make that FAQ page as complete as possible!

Thanks to everyone. And as always, HAPPY RECCING!


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