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HP Themes

Where fics are recced by theme...

HP fests
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I figured it won't hurt to promote some HP fests that came to my attention. If you guys know of more HP wide fests (those that allow all pairings, slash, het, femslash, and gen, all ratings etc) let me know and I'll post their promotion information. Go prompt, write, draw, and come back to rec!

hpchallengefest is a fest dedicated to pushing personal boundaries and trying something new!
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Same theme: Holidays!
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Hi, everyone!

I know that I posted the new theme on an "off" day, but that was because I wasn't sure about my availability to do the coding and such today. Still, our theme of HOLIDAYS needs some more recs (it currently has the ones generously provided by la_localfreak, but that's only a few!).

Please click on the banner below to go to the main entry for the theme!

So once again, Happy New Year, and Happy Reccing!

New Theme: HOLIDAYS!
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And a Happy New Year to all!

RL totally bogged us me down in December, and sadly, hpthemes fell off my priorities list in the haze of paper-writing and being ill. But we're back for the new year, and one Resolution is to not have any weeks/months offline this year!

In this spirit, we offer a theme to kick thing off:


See, we all know that fans all over the world have been gorging themselves on holiday works (gifts for the holidays as well as holiday-themed fanworks) for the past several weeks, and how better to prepare for dreary days ahead than to bank some of those works in a handy-dandy theme list?

So please, give us all of your favourite holiday-themed fanworks. We're specifically looking for works having to do with the holidays that fall in December, though we'll take all comers. *grin*

To be even more specific, by "holiday-themed", we mean fanworks that feature the "holiday season" as a major aspect—for instance, though there are an abundance of fics and artworks up at hd_holidays, not all of them feature Chanukah/Christmas/Solstice/Yule. This theme is for the ones that do.

Added two days later: HAVE A TEMPLATE!!

For your pimping pleasure, have banner code:

Got rec-worthy works that don't fit the theme of Holidays? Please pop over to our Master List of Themes and find appropriate themes for your recs! Or PM the mods with a suggestion for a new theme!

Thanks all! And once more, HAPPY NEW YEAR and HAPPY RECCING!

HP Themes basic icon
It's that time of week again: time for another new theme here on the hpthemes docket!

When we solicited ideas for new themes in 2009, 2010 and 2011, each time folks suggested the lovely theme of Non-Magical Alternate Universes, so it's about time for that theme to have its day!

What do we mean by Non-Magical AU's? Simply, any universe in which there is no magic, but in which our beloved HP characters live anyway. Maybe magic has been sucked from the earth in some environmental catastrophe (I'm pretty sure I read something like that once), or maybe magic never existed to begin with. If nobody can cast a spell in the story, then it's a Non-Magical AU: All variations welcome!

I can't think of likely subthemes for this topic, so you have one less item to complete when you use the following template:

If you would like to pimp this weeks theme, have a banner!

And, as always, HAPPY RECCING!

Love, songquake

Old themes, new recs! AZKABAN and MIND MAGIC!
HP Themes basic icon
Hey, everyone! How are you surviving the latest round of LiveJournal discontent?

I've been pretty out-of-the-loop, at least in the last 24 hours or so. So out of the loop that I (songquake) totally forgot to share the files of banners with lost_stray_cat and am therefore doing the weekly post...again. (Bad Mod! You're supposed to share the modly duties! That's why there are co-mods!)

(And really, we're lovely people, if anyone wants to join us...)

Anyway, this week we're using our Time Turners to take us back to a theme from April 2010 and a theme from just last week!

The older of the two is Azkaban.

For that theme, we once again are providing a brand-new template:

Here, if you'd like to pimp it, we've got code!

We're also still looking for awesome recs for last week's theme of Mind Magic.

Recs were kind of thin on the ground for this one, much to my personal disappointment. There must be Mind Magic creations I haven't seen yet! *bats eyelashes at the sweet, sweet reccers*

I'm kind of run ragged at the moment with internship and paper-writing and fic-writing, so we still haven't completely resolved the bookmarking site issue. The best way to find the most current recs remains the LiveJournal Master List, as unwieldy as it is. We'd love to have the issues resolved soon, but your mods need to be realistic about our ability to get more done right now.

That said, I'm hoping to get the FAQ posted sometime before Christmas, so right here, as a comment to this post, is a great place to leave the questions you've had about the hpthemes community and our archiving practices. What has been confusing for you as a community member? What weird things do we do that make no sense to you? What do you wonder about this community we call hpthemes?

We want to know so we can make that FAQ page as complete as possible!

Thanks to everyone. And as always, HAPPY RECCING!

New Theme: Mind Magic!
HP Themes basic icon
Hi, everyone!

I apologize for going AWOL over the past couple of weeks; internet at our house has been down, and (like many) I can't get away with doing fandom stuff while at work. There had been plans to spend last Saturday mooching internet at a local cafe, but a crazy snowstorm put paid to that.

BUT! We're back! And since it's my birthday this weekend, I've decided to ask for recs for one of my favoritest themes ever:

What do we mean by Mind Magic? Occlumency, Legilimency, the effects of Obliviation, potions that create a link between two minds, mental bonding, Mind Healing. There is a great wealth of really amazing works that involve mental arts and sciences, and I WANT THEM ALL.

(Birthday-mod is greedy mod!)

For subthemes, we need to know what kind of Mind Magic is involved. Here's a template for the recs that I hope will come pouring in:

And iffen you should want to pimp, here's some code for that:

Thanks, everyone! We'll have more updates after lost_stray_cat and I have had a chance to email about some stuff.

And, as always, HAPPY RECCING!

Love, songquake for hpthemes_mods

Poll: Opening the comm for searches AND an opportunity to co-mod!
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Hi, everyone!

It's recently occurred to your mods that it's hard in some corners of fandom to search simultaneously for themes and characters. Some character-centric (and pairing-centric) communities allow for searches by theme, but others require searches be for specific fanworks only. It seems there might be a need for a comm that will allow for one to ask other members for recs based around BOTH a pairing AND a theme.

Should this community be a place for that?

There are a couple of things to consider. One is that it will mean more traffic on this community, which could be a plus or a minus. The mods don't have the time to log recs that aren't on our main pages. We also don't want to become a community in which people DO look for specific fanworks, as there are plenty of communities in which one can do that. So there would likely need to be some moderation of posts, either by approval of posts (which would lead to a delay in posting) or by deletion of rogue posts.

We are considering opening this community for such use, or possibly creating a new community (with a name like "hpthemes_find"). But if there's little interest in this sort of functionality and members of hpthemes would find it annoying, well, we'll leave it at that :)

Poll #1788947 Opening the comm for searches

Would you like the community to allow searches by members?

There should be a separate community for such searches.

If we decide to open the community for member-directed searches, should those posts be moderated?


Comments are, of course, very welcome!

ALSO: We are once again looking for volunteers to co-mod with us. This is not a "Save Your Community By Modding It" request. The community WILL survive regardless of whether you volunteer.

However, your mods are busy people and would love it if someone with a lot of passion and enthusiasm for this community would join us for the long term. We are willing to work out as a group (songquake, lost_stray_cat and whoever steps forward) what responsibilities each mod would have. We're pretty easygoing :) We're also a little overwhelmed some weeks, and would love to have another mind/pair of eyes/pair of hands to help us out. Please feel free to PM either of us individually or together as hpthemes_mods to discuss the possibility of coming aboard!

Thanks again for participating in this awesome community. It's really nothing without its members!

Love, songquake and lost_stray_cat
AKA hpthemes_mods

HP Themes basic icon
A day late and a dollar short again, more's the pity.

What's not a pity? Our fabulous additions to the previous themes of AURORS and PWP! Whew! Some grand additions to those lists, and (as always), we love receiving more!

As for this week, we have quite the broad-spectrum:


Have you been feeling crummy because we just haven't had that theme that would allow you to bring your favorite girl!Harry (Harriet!) recs? Your recs of gender-bending Metamorphmagus art? The gender-switching potions of your dreams? An Old-Skool story in which not even the other characters are certain of Blaise Zabini's gender?

If a character central to the story or art has something unexpected going on with their gender, WE WANT TO SEE IT RECCED ON THIS LIST!

This week, we want to know whose gender varies from canon in some way. For your convenience, here's a template for your recs:

And here's a copy of the banner for your pimping pleasure:

Stay tuned for a poll and for a support request, coming as soon as this is up. And, as always...

Happy Reccing!

Love, songquake for hpthemes_mods

Old themes, new recs! AURORS and PWP!!!
HP Themes basic icon
Hi, everyone!

I am terribly distracted this week, so this'll be a bit brief.

Speaking of briefs... we're in need of TWO kinds this week! Please give us new recs on:

These might eventually involve legal briefs. But mostly we're looking for any fanworks involving Aurors, members of Magical Law Enforcement, etc. Keep your mind open -- maybe your favorite character is an Auror on a stakeout, maybe your favorite character is captured and being questioned at Auror headquarters. An Auror or someone reacting to an Auror needs to be at least one central character! PLEASE LEAVE YOUR AUROR RECS HERE.

Here's a template for your convenience:

And if you want to pimp the Aurors theme:

We're also on our second week of accepting recs for:

(Get it? we want porn, which might involve the kinds of briefs that are pants!) Seriously, we've got some great examples of porny goodness from the past week, but WE ALWAYS WANT MORE. Bring us more unmitigated smut, please! And put it on this post I'm linking to!

Thanks to everyone! And, as always, HAPPY RECCING!

New Theme: PWP!
HP Themes basic icon
Hi, everybody!

I still haven't got around to figuring out how all the bookmarking/linking/tagging stuff works on Diigo, so please do continue to use our Master List of Themes on LiveJournal for your basic explorations. I'll be getting the Diigo link up on the hpthemes LJ links list tonight, and hopefully do some serious bookmarking tomorrow night.

Speaking of the Master List, THANKS SO MUCH to everyone who has added to our themes lists over the past week or so! It's been so exciting to see some of our older lists get updated! Keep 'em coming—we never get tired of seeing New Recs on Old Themes!

As for our theme for this week, it's....

Yep! PWP's, otherwise known as porn-without-plot, or Plot? What Plot? This is our genre of unabashed, unapologetic sexual expression! All kinks, all pairings (or moresomes!) welcome! We're not picky here. The only limitation is that the fanworks recced must be all-porn-all-the-time.


Here, have a template for reccing:

And for your pimping pleasure, a banner:

Please give us LOTS OF PORN this week, guys!

And as always, Happy Reccing!

Catch-up! Catch-up! AND a Mod Announcement
HP Themes basic icon
Hi, folks. We've got several orders of business, but the first (and, of course, most important) is this week's theme announcement.

As we do whenever there are five Fridays in a month, we invite everyone to look at our Master List of Themes. hpthemes only works when our themes are up-to-date, which means that yes, old themes need to be updated!

Of course, you can (and many of you do!) update the old themes as you come across new fanworks that fit a theme you love, but why not have a look at the whole ginormous list and see if there are any themes you missed when we asked for recs on them? Or see whether there's a theme that catches your fancy and makes you want to explore what was suggested?

This week is devoted to doing just that! Go ahead, look at our Master List and see whether you have any new suggestions for any of the old themes!

The following banner links to the Master List:

Once you find a theme you want to explore or leave a rec on, please click on the link to the LiveJournal page for it, and leave your rec there (or look at the often-extensive lists there)!

In other, less exciting news, a few words about DeliciousCollapse )

How do you cheer up mods who are struggling with corporate transition yuckiness?

We're going to be extra-psyched to see what everyone comes up with for our old, well-loved-but-outdated themes!

Old themes, new recs! HUMOUR and POTIONS!
HP Themes basic icon
Hello, all you lovely reccers!

Apologies for posting this so late; this week has been a bear for me at work, and I fell asleep early last night despite having spent time on Thursday making this week's banner. Le sigh. Life, it is busy!

This week, we revisit what may have been the most popular theme in our first year: HUMOUR.

From jaime27's original post:

This is where you rec the works that have made you laugh so hard that you practically wet yourself. This can include crack!fics, prank wars, etc. ... Really, anything that made you chuckle.

We've got no subthemes to work with (really, can anyone come up with broad-enough subthemes for humour??), so the template is rather simplified:

Have a banner! Click on it and leave your recs there!

And a template for that banner, if you'd like to pimp!

In addition, we're still accepting recs for every other theme, but want to focus particular attention to the current theme, POTIONS!

(Just click on the above banner to get there!)

And, as always...HAPPY RECCING!

Totals and a Reminder!
HP Themes basic icon
Hi, folks!

I spent a good chunk of time this weekend getting all the recs you've given us up onto Delicious, and wow! We're up to 1617 1623(!) individual bookmarks, which means we've had about that many individual fanworks recced! (For the record, since many authors/artists archive in multiple places, it's likely that a number of works are listed under multiple bookmarks; I don't have the time or energy to cross-reference all of them, though!)

That said, here are the totals for our recent themes as of RIGHT NOW:

Hogwarts Staff
47 Recs!

Canon Death Reversed/Ignored
7 Recs!

16 Recs!

And, as announced on Friday, our new theme is Potions:

We've already got some beauties coming in, but please click on the banner to give us more!

Thanks a lot to everyone for making this such an awesome community and resource!

Love, songquake and lost_stray_cat

New Theme: POTIONS!
HP Themes basic icon
Hello, lovely reccers!

It's been a busy month already. We've been reading your poll responses, talking a little amongst ourselves about the direction of the comm and how we want to spend our energy, and in the meantime exulting at the resurgence of recs around here! Thanks so much to everyone for contributing so much over the past few weeks, and for pimping the community! ♥♥♥!

We expect that this week's theme will be a crowd pleaser, so without further ado, the new theme is....


What we're looking for this week is any fanwork in which a potion (or more than one!) is prominently featured. Is someone using Polyjuice to satisfy their partner's bi-curiosity (that might be a genre in itself!)? Debating the ethics of Amortentia? Someone brew up a sketchy Memory-Enhancement Potion while studying for their NEWT's? Poisoned by something that seeps their magic? Experimenting with off-label uses of Felix Felicis? Experimenting on their own, or with a friend?

The possibilities are unbelievably rich, you guys! Let's see what you've got!

For this week, we want to know what the potion is. (And if it spoils the story to tell us, you can write "surprise" in that part of the rec template.)

If you'd like to use the above banner to pimp the theme, here's a code for that:

And, as always, we welcome both self-recs and recs on old themes! (Link is to the MasterList, so you can see the themes and go to the appropriate reccing entries.)

Bring it all on, and Happy Reccing!

songquake for hpthemes_mods

Update: New recs on old theme!
HP Themes basic icon
Hi, everyone!

Wow, we've had LOTS of recs in the past week or so! Thank you! I'll be working on getting them up on Delicious and Pinboard soon, but do go and look at what we've had!

This week, we're inviting people to revisit another theme from our first year:


You can click on at link, or you can click on the banner below:

If you would like to pimp this theme, here's the code for that banner:

We'd especially love to see NON-DRARRY Veela!fics. Seriously. I'd say about 90% of what we've got are Harry/Draco Veela stories right now. (Not that you should refrain from reccing great H/D Veela!fics/pictures, just that it would be great to get other pairings and characters represented as well!).

Have a template!

Folks are also welcome to drop more recs for last week's theme, Hogwarts Staff!

Thanks again, everyone! And as always, Happy Reccing!

HP Themes basic icon
Hi, everyone!

Thanks so much for your votes and feedback on our post earlier this week. It's been really helpful and encouraging to read what you have to say. We'll be working on ways to help you help us publicize this community - including having a banner available so you can advertise the specific theme of the week!

To that end, I introduce both the banner and the theme for this week:

That's right, our theme is HOGWARTS STAFF, in honor of the back-to-school season. Staff includes, but is not limited to, professors, caretakers, mediwitches, etc. They can be current, former, or future employees (We'd love so see some Headmaster Dippet drawings or Filch-focused fic!).

For this theme, please tell us WHICH STAFF MEMBER(s) the fanwork features.

Here, have a template!

Also, if you would like to spread the word about this theme (I'm looking at you, Minerva and Severus fans!), the following code will help you do so—it's the small banner above linking back to this entry.

We're really looking forward to seeing what you all come up with!

And, as always, happy reccing!

Poll and Conversation still open!
hp themes ModQuake basic
Hi, everyone! I posted (as hpthemes_mods) a poll a couple of days ago, and the conversation about it is still going on.

The poll is embedded in a longish entry about what has been working well and not-so-well here, and asks questions about how people use hpthemes and how the community can improve itself.

I've been really moved and heartened by the comments as well. Either lost_stray_cat or I (or both of us) has responded to each of the comments so far, I think, but I wanted to give a big group hug to the group.

One of the things we've been talking about on that post is outreach and pimping, and folks have pretty much universally agreed that it would be good to have banners of one sort or another that members can use to promote our community. To that end, we have the banner we invited y'all to use about a year ago:

Here's the code for it:

This banner code will direct people to the main hpthemes LiveJournal page; important links and all our tags are listed on the right-hand side of the screen.

I'm going to work on getting individualized banners for each theme, but that's likely to take awhile, since I've just started orientation for my last unit of post-graduate training (*knock wood*).

I'm closing this entry to comments, because it would be wonderful to keep all the conversation about making this community better in one place. So please do go look at what folks are saying in our last entry.


Mod Post: Checking In
HP Themes basic icon
Hi, everyone!

First off, I want to let everyone know that we've put in some time recently to get Delicious up to date, so as of this minute all the recs we've got are entered into Delicious and (as soon as it populates) Pinboard. I'll add the last couple of Pinboard links into the LJ Master List of Themes next weekend (it should have received the data from Delicious by then).

Meanwhile, check out our MASTER LIST OF THEMESthere are 43 of them! And according to the Delicious count, there are over 1560 fanworks bookmarked -- that's 1560 individual fanworks recced to/by the hpthemes community, many of which have been recommended for multiple themes. Go, us! What a haul so far!

We also have themes scheduled through 2012, with even more in reserve!

I am, however, concerned about the "health" of hpthemes as a resource for the Harry Potter fandom. Read more...Collapse )

And if you have any further suggestions for how we can improve the hpthemes community, or how the community can better publicize itself so we can have a greater diversity of recs/pairings, please let us know in the comments!

songquake for hpthemes_mods

Catching up: Illness/Sick Character, Canon Death Reversed!
HP Themes basic icon
Hello, everybody!

I'm sorry for being late again; Hurricane Irene distracted me horribly from my modly duties. I'm hoping that posting this on a Sunday might mean that those who are too busy having fun on Friday nights will rec now!

Last week's post was pretty late at night, I think, and maybe everyone was out partying already? Because for serious, there have got to be more than two rec-worthy stories that reverse or ignore canon deaths.

Meanwhile, we continue in our quest to keep the Master List up-to-date by asking for another update from March 2010! So... Please bring us your recs for




The entry for CANON DEATH REVERSED already has a template you can use for your recs, but the ILLNESS/SICK CHARACTER one does not. So here, have a fresh template!

Please remember to go to the appropriate page for your recs! Don't leave them here!

Keep your eyes open for a poll about the future of this community (coming very soon!).

And as always... HAPPY RECCING!!

Love, songquake

HP Themes basic icon
Hello, Reccers!

Since we depressed everybody last week with our request for DEATH (and would love to see more of them!), we're making it up to you this week with this opposite-of-that theme:


Now, this theme, like all, is a bit open to interpretation. So: if they are appearing alive after their death in the canon timeline (e.g., Snape, Tonks, Dobby or Bellatrix, any time after Deathly Hallows, Sirius after Order of the Phoenix, Lily Evans Potter and James Potter...at any time after 1981), their Canon Death has been Reversed, and the fanwork in which they appear is eligible for reccing in this category!

Here, have a template:

And, as always, Happy Reccing!