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HP Themes

Where fics are recced by theme...

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Mod Post, plus This Week's Theme: Catch-up!
hp themes ModQuake basic
songquake wrote in hpthemes
Hello, darlings!

First off, I want to apologise for not posting a new theme on Saturday. It being the Deadline Season From Hell in HP Slashdom, I just got caught up in other things on Saturday. We had selected a theme for this week, but since the post is two days late, we'll post it on Saturday (and I won't be so flaky about it this time!).

Since we don't have a new theme for you this week, and since your mods have been talking about doing just this thing for about a month now, we are pleased to announce this week's theme *drumroll* . . .


This community has had a catch-up week once before, but not in quite awhile. What we are asking folks to do is to look at the list of 24 themes. These are easily visible to the left of your screen if you are viewing the community's page in its "original style" rather than in your "own style" (and we're the sort of community that always leaves the strip at the top of the screen giving you the option to switch between. I know because I hate the strip, but can't seem to make it go away when I view this community!)

I digress. So you look at our lovely list of themes, and see which ones you think you might have missed reccing for in the past, or have discovered new fics to sort there since the theme first went live.

Find your recs! Go to the post (which you can do by clicking on the tag because for the theme posts, there are only one or two per tag!) for them! Comment on that original post so that all our recs stay together for each theme!

And eventually our del.icio.us maven, werewolfsfan, will update the Master List there.

Speaking of Master Lists, we know that folks had really counted on the LJ Master List of Fics to be available, and that the non-updatedness of it is both annoying and tragic. Unfortunately, none of the current mods are able to access that post (because none of us wrote it), and we therefore cannot update it ourselves.

We do, however, have a plan to write a new Master List of Fics posted from the shared mods account so that any of us can update it. purpledodah is on it. Now, it might be a little while before the new Master List on LJ gets finished, but we haven't forgot about the need of some people not to leave LiveJournal! In the meantime, the Tags List on the left side of the screen can function in a similar way to take you to the theme in question.

And finally... Participation has dropped off a bit. This is probably due to many factors: Folks dropping out of the comm when we went on hiatus this spring; Folks deciding to leave because the only reason they were here was to stalk jaime27; Folks getting distracted by Summertime and Vacations; and general fatigue/novelty wearing off.

We've still got LOTS of themes to go, though! So I, at least, would love to have some more folks join us.

Therefore, I invite everyone on here to PIMP OUR COMMUNITY!

Look down! There's a banner! And underneath the banner, there's code for you to copy and paste into your own journal, userinfo page, or blog!

Er, yes, we know that the banner is huge. It doesn't fit on our page. To view the full banner in all its Sorting Hat glory, look to the userinfo page for hpthemes. One of these days, we'll shrink it and post a more usable code for folks with narrow displays to grab. THANKS TO vaysh FOR THE QUICK TUTORIAL ON SHRINKING CHARMS!

So, happy reccing all the recs you didn't rec before, and go forth and spread the Good News that hpthemes exists and is eager for more members!

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Yes, that how the code would be like. :)

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