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HP Themes

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Catching up: Illness/Sick Character, Canon Death Reversed!
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hpthemes_mods wrote in hpthemes
Hello, everybody!

I'm sorry for being late again; Hurricane Irene distracted me horribly from my modly duties. I'm hoping that posting this on a Sunday might mean that those who are too busy having fun on Friday nights will rec now!

Last week's post was pretty late at night, I think, and maybe everyone was out partying already? Because for serious, there have got to be more than two rec-worthy stories that reverse or ignore canon deaths.

Meanwhile, we continue in our quest to keep the Master List up-to-date by asking for another update from March 2010! So... Please bring us your recs for




The entry for CANON DEATH REVERSED already has a template you can use for your recs, but the ILLNESS/SICK CHARACTER one does not. So here, have a fresh template!

Please remember to go to the appropriate page for your recs! Don't leave them here!

Keep your eyes open for a poll about the future of this community (coming very soon!).

And as always... HAPPY RECCING!!

Love, songquake