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HP Themes

Where fics are recced by theme...

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Poll and Conversation still open!
hp themes ModQuake basic
songquake wrote in hpthemes
Hi, everyone! I posted (as hpthemes_mods) a poll a couple of days ago, and the conversation about it is still going on.

The poll is embedded in a longish entry about what has been working well and not-so-well here, and asks questions about how people use hpthemes and how the community can improve itself.

I've been really moved and heartened by the comments as well. Either lost_stray_cat or I (or both of us) has responded to each of the comments so far, I think, but I wanted to give a big group hug to the group.

One of the things we've been talking about on that post is outreach and pimping, and folks have pretty much universally agreed that it would be good to have banners of one sort or another that members can use to promote our community. To that end, we have the banner we invited y'all to use about a year ago:

Here's the code for it:

This banner code will direct people to the main hpthemes LiveJournal page; important links and all our tags are listed on the right-hand side of the screen.

I'm going to work on getting individualized banners for each theme, but that's likely to take awhile, since I've just started orientation for my last unit of post-graduate training (*knock wood*).

I'm closing this entry to comments, because it would be wonderful to keep all the conversation about making this community better in one place. So please do go look at what folks are saying in our last entry.


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