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New Theme: POTIONS!
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hpthemes_mods wrote in hpthemes
Hello, lovely reccers!

It's been a busy month already. We've been reading your poll responses, talking a little amongst ourselves about the direction of the comm and how we want to spend our energy, and in the meantime exulting at the resurgence of recs around here! Thanks so much to everyone for contributing so much over the past few weeks, and for pimping the community! ♥♥♥!

We expect that this week's theme will be a crowd pleaser, so without further ado, the new theme is....


What we're looking for this week is any fanwork in which a potion (or more than one!) is prominently featured. Is someone using Polyjuice to satisfy their partner's bi-curiosity (that might be a genre in itself!)? Debating the ethics of Amortentia? Someone brew up a sketchy Memory-Enhancement Potion while studying for their NEWT's? Poisoned by something that seeps their magic? Experimenting with off-label uses of Felix Felicis? Experimenting on their own, or with a friend?

The possibilities are unbelievably rich, you guys! Let's see what you've got!

For this week, we want to know what the potion is. (And if it spoils the story to tell us, you can write "surprise" in that part of the rec template.)

If you'd like to use the above banner to pimp the theme, here's a code for that:

And, as always, we welcome both self-recs and recs on old themes! (Link is to the MasterList, so you can see the themes and go to the appropriate reccing entries.)

Bring it all on, and Happy Reccing!

songquake for hpthemes_mods

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HP Themes: Potions

Title: Perfect Day
Creator: scrtkpr
Type of Potion: Felix Felicis
Pairing (or gen): Harry/Draco
Status (complete/WIP/series): complete
Rating: R
Working Link: http://hd-worldcup.livejournal.com/22049.html
Author's Summary: One day can change everything.

Contributor's Comments: Draco wants one perfect day, and wow, he gets its. Features Felix Felicis overdose, return of the dead and a most brilliant kiss.

Re: HP Themes: Potions

Also, just an FYI, 1farmer_girl made a podfic of this fic, which you can find here!

Title: A Blue-Eyed Lie
Creator: spark_of_chaos
Type of Potion: Polyjuice
Pairing (or gen): H/D
Status (complete/WIP/series): complete one-shot
Rating: NC-17
Working Link: http://spark-of-chaos.livejournal.com/10385.html
Author's Summary: How far, exactly, can a man who has magic on his side go, in order to get another man? So far as to sport long hair and blue eyes, and round bottom and… breasts?

Contributor's Comments: Written in 2005, so it has an old-school feel; a gender-fuck with a nice twist.

Thanks for the rec! I loved it. :)

I actually met spark_of_chaos at diacon_alley and I realised that I haven't read much of her stories, if any.

Title: 31 Flavours
Creator: Diana Williams dkwilliams
Type of Potion: Polyjiuce - 31 times
Pairing (or gen): Remus Lupin/Severus Snape (and other polyjuiced pairings)
Status (complete/WIP/series): Complete
Rating: NC-17
Working Link: http://diana.slashcity.com/viewstory.php?sid=53
Author's Summary: Remus Lupin and Severus Snape have been together for almost a year. Their relationship is comfortable, the sex is good...and yet...Lupin yearns for something more. So he persuades his lover to try something new, something kinky: 31 days of being someone "different", courtesy of polyjuice potion. 31 days of new partners, and new kinks...
Warnings: BDSM, Discipline, Extreme Kink, Kink/Fetish, Multiple Partners

Contributor's Comments: self-rec

Title: Repayment
Creator: flaminia_x
Type of Potion: Wolfsbane, Love Potion
Pairing (or gen): Remus/Hermione
Status (complete/WIP/series): Complete
Rating: NC-17
Working Link: http://flaminia-x.livejournal.com/6299.html
Author's Summary: Hermione likes Remus. Remus likes Hermione. What will it take for them to acknowledge their feelings for one another?

Contributor's Comments: One of my favorite fics, written for the 2009 Remus-Hermione exchange.

Title: Heart's Desires
Creator: flaminia_x
Type of Potion: unnamed time-traveling potion
Pairing (or gen): Harry/Ron, Remus/Tonks, Teddy/Harry (sort of)
Status (complete/WIP/series): complete
Rating: NC-17
Working Link: http://flaminia-x.livejournal.com/30647.html#cutid1
Author's Summary: It's hard being a 16-year-old. Especially when you're an orphan, and even more especially, when you're an orphan in lust with your godfather. But Harry doesn't go for blokes … does he?

Contributor's Comments: Written for the 2010 hp_porninthesun exchange

Title: The Only Thing that Speaks the Truth is the Eloquence of Passing Time
Creator: flaminia_x
Type of Potion: unnamed Antivenin
Pairing (or gen): Hermione/Severus
Status (complete/WIP/series): Complete
Rating: NC-17
Working Link: http://flaminia-x.livejournal.com/7040.html
Author's Summary:Severus survives the final battle, but only a few know it. The Ministry is unable to clear his name right away, so he becomes a hermit, and is indebted to Hermione for the potion that allows him to stay alive. But can Hermione convince him to trust her?

Contributor's Comments: Written for the 2009 hp_porninthesun exchange, and one of my longest fics to date.

Title: Of Polyjuice Pilfering & Potion Perversities
Creator: odogoddess
Type of Potion: Polyjuice
Pairing (or gen): Harry/Hermione, Severus/Minerva
Status (complete/WIP/series): complete
Rating: NC-17
Working Link: http://wizard-love.livejournal.com/128505.html
Author's Summary: Harry & Hermione Potter really enjoy making love... as other people.

Contributor's Comments: My gift from this year's wizard_love exchange!

Hey, I'm marking "Heart's Desires" as fitting the Time-Travelling theme in the Delicious bookmarks, too; please let me know if this story does NOT fill that theme, and I'll remove the tag for it.

xo, songquake

Yeah, it actually doesn't fit that theme, unfortunately, despite the (misleading) potion name! Sorry!! :(

Ahhh...Thanks for letting us know! I'll go edit the bookmark, then.

Unless *failed* time-travel still counts ... without giving away too much of the story ... :)

Title: Strange Creatures
Author: swtalmnd
Archive: http://www.pornbunnyfarm.com/pages/strangecreatures.html
Summary: Snape makes a deal with a werewolf for potions ingredients, and ends up having his life turned upside-down by something he considers entirely novel -- friends. The flipside to Flora and Fauna, as told from Snape's point of view.
Flora and Fauna, Harry, Snape, Post War, Quidditch, Potions, Herbology, Village, Life, Food Cooking

Type of Potion: various. It is chiefly about gathering magical ingredients for potions.

Creator: The Medean Curse
Type of Potion: unnamed curse-removing potion
Pairing (or gen): Snape/Lupin, Snape/Harry
Status (complete/WIP/series): Complete
Rating: NC-17
Working Link: http://inkstain.inkquill.net/isf/archive/4/themedean.html
Author's Summary: Harry's impotent. Snape's got the cure. But. he wants something in return!

Contributor's Comments: This is a wonderfully fun story, and part of the fun is Snape & Harry making the potion to cure Harry together. The rest of the fun is Harry helping Snape get ready for his dream date - and it's not with Harry.

Never mind; I just looked it up :)

Creator: Lydia Lovestruck
Title: The Medean Curse

Sorry - I copied & pasted it, and obviously lost something along the way. Thanks for finding it!

Title: Ourselves Like We Were Yesterday
Creator: slytherincesss / Slytherincess
Type of Potion: Polyjuice
Pairing (or gen): Draco/Pansy; Draco/Zacharias
Status (complete/WIP/series): COMPLETE
Rating: NC-17
Working Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/242914
Author's Summary: Under a certain death sentence, Draco Malfoy sets out to find Pansy Parkinson the perfect replacement boyfriend. He finds a little something for himself along the way.

Contributor's Comments: N/A

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