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Totals and a Reminder!
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hpthemes_mods wrote in hpthemes
Hi, folks!

I spent a good chunk of time this weekend getting all the recs you've given us up onto Delicious, and wow! We're up to 1617 1623(!) individual bookmarks, which means we've had about that many individual fanworks recced! (For the record, since many authors/artists archive in multiple places, it's likely that a number of works are listed under multiple bookmarks; I don't have the time or energy to cross-reference all of them, though!)

That said, here are the totals for our recent themes as of RIGHT NOW:

Hogwarts Staff
47 Recs!

Canon Death Reversed/Ignored
7 Recs!

16 Recs!

And, as announced on Friday, our new theme is Potions:

We've already got some beauties coming in, but please click on the banner to give us more!

Thanks a lot to everyone for making this such an awesome community and resource!

Love, songquake and lost_stray_cat

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Hi there! Just a heads-up: the link to the Hogwarts Staff post is incomplete. I think you need to add .html at the end.


Thanks for the heads-up! It's fixed now!

xo, songquake

Question about Delicious Links Transition to Avos

Hi I'm new so please forgive me if this is out of bounds. But I belong to the Severus Sighs group on Yahoo and today they posted a note that says Delicious links will be transferring to Avos after Sept. 23.

I do not know if this is true or not. But here are the links that were included in the post:

http://www.avos. com/transfer- your-bookmarks/

http://www.deliciou s.com/help/ transition

Again I don't know if this is true but I don't want to see your work endangered at all if that's a possibility.

And if you know for a fact that this is incorrect or if you've already known about it and accounted for it, my apologies.

Re: Question about Delicious Links Transition to Avos

Thanks for the heads-up!

We've allowed for the transfer, so it should be going smoothly. BUT since there have been multiple transfers of Delicious ownership over the past few years, we've been backing up our bookmarks on Pinboard for awhile now, just in case things with Delicious go pear-shaped.

I have to admit, though, I was horrified to see the little notice on top of the Delicious site today! Thank goodness I was on the site anyhow!

I hope things go well for your groups that use the service; it's a big pain, but what I understand of the situation is that the guys who invented YouTube made an offer for the Delicious brand and frame and bought them from Yahoo (which hadn't been doing anything with it except every once in awhile threatening to shut the whole thing down). It was covered in the New York Times last week, but I can't seem to find the article. *pooh*

Thanks again for boosting the signal, though! Since Delicious is the only part of Yahoo I regularly use myself, I'm glad someone other than me is paying attention!

xo, songquake

Re: Question about Delicious Links Transition to Avos

Yes, we transferred to avos quite a while ago, AND we have Pinboard as a backup, AND I saved the exported file of delicious today since you mentioned it (just in case), AND I sent the file to songquake, so the file is now saved on my desktop AND in the 2 email accounts (in my sent folder and in songquake's inbox).... so we are quadruply and quintuple-y safe... and we better be after all the effort that has gone into bookmarking!!! :-)

Re: Question about Delicious Links Transition to Avos

Anytime =^) Glad to see you guys are on it. You rock!

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