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Old themes, new recs! HUMOUR and POTIONS!
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hpthemes_mods wrote in hpthemes
Hello, all you lovely reccers!

Apologies for posting this so late; this week has been a bear for me at work, and I fell asleep early last night despite having spent time on Thursday making this week's banner. Le sigh. Life, it is busy!

This week, we revisit what may have been the most popular theme in our first year: HUMOUR.

From jaime27's original post:

This is where you rec the works that have made you laugh so hard that you practically wet yourself. This can include crack!fics, prank wars, etc. ... Really, anything that made you chuckle.

We've got no subthemes to work with (really, can anyone come up with broad-enough subthemes for humour??), so the template is rather simplified:

Have a banner! Click on it and leave your recs there!

And a template for that banner, if you'd like to pimp!

In addition, we're still accepting recs for every other theme, but want to focus particular attention to the current theme, POTIONS!

(Just click on the above banner to get there!)

And, as always...HAPPY RECCING!

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Title: Where Draco is a Statue
Creator: simmyschtuff
Working Link: http://simmyschtuff.livejournal.com/11553.html
Pairing (or gen): Harry/Draco
Status (WIP/completed/art): complete in 3 parts
Rating: NC-17
Creator's Summary: Five years after the war with Voldemort, and things happen! Ooh!

Contributor's Comments: Written in 2006, this has a somewhat cracky premise, but the humor isn't HAHAHAHA crack!fic. Rather, it's the author's droll style and subtly funny (as well as poignant) exploration of Harry and Draco suddenly faced with a five-year age disparity that makes it so entertaining.


Thanks for the great (and detailed!) rec. Do you mind if I copy it over to the page where we are actually collecting Humour recs (with credit, of course)?

(It's confusing, isn't it, to have the template here...sadly, since I didn't write the original post, I can't edit it to add a template now. How could I have made the need to go back to the old post clearer for you? I'm always trying to figure out how to make things simpler for our members!)

xo, songquake


No, it's clear now that I look. I'm new to this comm (left my first rec last week) so am just getting the hang of it. Sorry for the hassle! :( I'll take the rec over there myself and hopefully not bollocks it up too much. :)

No, it's not a hassle, it's my "job," so to speak :) I'd have done it without notice, but there was a question at some point in the past about the mods taking credit for the recs and we've become over-scrupulous, if that's possible.

I'll continue to try to think of ways to make it even clearer, though, since it happens to somebody every couple of weeks!

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