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HP Themes

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Catch-up! Catch-up! AND a Mod Announcement
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hpthemes_mods wrote in hpthemes
Hi, folks. We've got several orders of business, but the first (and, of course, most important) is this week's theme announcement.

As we do whenever there are five Fridays in a month, we invite everyone to look at our Master List of Themes. hpthemes only works when our themes are up-to-date, which means that yes, old themes need to be updated!

Of course, you can (and many of you do!) update the old themes as you come across new fanworks that fit a theme you love, but why not have a look at the whole ginormous list and see if there are any themes you missed when we asked for recs on them? Or see whether there's a theme that catches your fancy and makes you want to explore what was suggested?

This week is devoted to doing just that! Go ahead, look at our Master List and see whether you have any new suggestions for any of the old themes!

The following banner links to the Master List:

Once you find a theme you want to explore or leave a rec on, please click on the link to the LiveJournal page for it, and leave your rec there (or look at the often-extensive lists there)!

In other, less exciting news, our HP_themes account at Delicious has been affected by the recent takeover of Delicious by AVOS. At the moment, not all the bookmarks have been migrated from the old Delicious (operated by Yahoo!) to the new Delicious (operated by AVOS). Nor have all our tags (most of the author and artist tags, for instance, are not included in the tags list). If you want to look at the tags list even though it's incomplete, you can find it here. Once you've chosen one tag, you can open that list and then click on other tags to narrow down your search.

I (songquake) personally find it difficult to navigate and look at the entries with different tags, and can't seem to find a single comprehensive list of all the tags we've used. AVOS did not choose to bring tag bundles over in the transition, so that way of sorting through our saved links is not available until they reinstate that feature (which they promise they will).

In the meantime, we still have our Pinboard account, which still has all the bookmarks and tags. For the moment, it's a much better resource if one wants to sort by theme and pairing, or multiple themes (looking for a pregnant Veela, anyone?).

In addition, lost_stray_cat took the time this week to open a Diigo account and load all the bookmarks she'd saved off-site to it. Right now we are considering Diigo our main bookmarking site, but that may change.

I'm still figuring Diigo out, so we haven't added new bookmarks to any of these sites in the past week. Even more than usual, the LJ lists are the most up-to-date, though they don't allow for sorting by multiple criteria/tags. Please be patient while we sort through navigating these changes and then slog through the backup of recs.

We'll likely be putting up a post for volunteers again, soon, as well; we're just trying to get the logistics of this figured out before we invite folks aboard for specific tasks.

How do you cheer up mods who are struggling with corporate transition yuckiness?

We're going to be extra-psyched to see what everyone comes up with for our old, well-loved-but-outdated themes!

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I see what you mean. No, it isn't the same, certainly, but you can achieve something similar using lists and tags. I think Diigo isn't as intuitive for the reader as Delicious was, so it will be interesting to see if people like it or not.

I use it for my rec list mainly because it's the tool I use for my other writing, in which I frequently need to annotate and sometimes share notes on articles. I'm awfully glad now that I didn't use Delicious, as the buyout has certainly fouled a lot of things up for a lot of people.

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