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Old themes, new recs! AURORS and PWP!!!
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hpthemes_mods wrote in hpthemes
Hi, everyone!

I am terribly distracted this week, so this'll be a bit brief.

Speaking of briefs... we're in need of TWO kinds this week! Please give us new recs on:

These might eventually involve legal briefs. But mostly we're looking for any fanworks involving Aurors, members of Magical Law Enforcement, etc. Keep your mind open -- maybe your favorite character is an Auror on a stakeout, maybe your favorite character is captured and being questioned at Auror headquarters. An Auror or someone reacting to an Auror needs to be at least one central character! PLEASE LEAVE YOUR AUROR RECS HERE.

Here's a template for your convenience:

And if you want to pimp the Aurors theme:

We're also on our second week of accepting recs for:

(Get it? we want porn, which might involve the kinds of briefs that are pants!) Seriously, we've got some great examples of porny goodness from the past week, but WE ALWAYS WANT MORE. Bring us more unmitigated smut, please! And put it on this post I'm linking to!

Thanks to everyone! And, as always, HAPPY RECCING!


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