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HP Themes

Where fics are recced by theme...

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hpthemes_mods wrote in hpthemes
A day late and a dollar short again, more's the pity.

What's not a pity? Our fabulous additions to the previous themes of AURORS and PWP! Whew! Some grand additions to those lists, and (as always), we love receiving more!

As for this week, we have quite the broad-spectrum:


Have you been feeling crummy because we just haven't had that theme that would allow you to bring your favorite girl!Harry (Harriet!) recs? Your recs of gender-bending Metamorphmagus art? The gender-switching potions of your dreams? An Old-Skool story in which not even the other characters are certain of Blaise Zabini's gender?

If a character central to the story or art has something unexpected going on with their gender, WE WANT TO SEE IT RECCED ON THIS LIST!

This week, we want to know whose gender varies from canon in some way. For your convenience, here's a template for your recs:

And here's a copy of the banner for your pimping pleasure:

Stay tuned for a poll and for a support request, coming as soon as this is up. And, as always...

Happy Reccing!

Love, songquake for hpthemes_mods

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Title: Sexing the Pumpkin and sequel: Pumpkins are not the Only Fruit
Author: ratherbrightred
Ship: SS/SB
Archive: http://community.livejournal.com/temple_of_rbr/tag/stealth!snape and http://community.livejournal.com/temple_of_rbr/tag/stealth!snape...more
Summary: Begins Post PoA. Severus Snape has kept a secret a long time, but after beginning an odd friendship with a lonely Sirius Black, his secret will come out though the response is not quite what he expected. The sequel sees a post DH Snape in San Fransisco post-mastectomy but back home the Veil spits Sirius out.
Self-Realisation, Loneliness, Romance, Identity Change, Disguise, Subterfuge, Genderqueer, Transgender, Transsexual, FtM, Snape,

Transman!Snape + awesomely laid-back-with-gender!Sirius

Title: The Relative Truth
Author: rotaryphones
Ship: LL/NL
Link: http://community.livejournal.com/lgbtfest/84559.html
Summary: 42. Harry Potter, Luna/Neville, It's seventh year and Neville and Luna get to know each other intimately; Luna doesn't quite get why Neville's baffled by what's under her skirts. Luna is MTF.
Het, Transfic, Trans, Transsexual, Transgender, lgbt, Gender Identity,


I can think of two others at present but can't find a working link for one or recall the title of the other. I'll put a call out over on hpstoryfinders ans see if I can find them.

HP Themes: Gender Variations

Title: Miles To Go Before I Sleep
Author: pale_moonlite
Working Link: http://hp-footballbets.livejournal.com/9032.html
Gender-varying character(s): Millicent/Miles Bulstrode
Pairing (if any, or gen): gen
Status (WIP/complete/art/etc.): complete
Rating: PG-13
Creator's Summary: The second of April, 1998, is in no way special for the Slytherin seventh years.
Contributor's Comments: A fascinating exploration of the day when Millicent decides to be who he truly is. Wonderful structuring of the story, gorgeously written - one of the possible seventh-year days that we will only ever hear about in fanfiction.

HP Themes: Gender Variations

Title: Jolene
Author: romaine24
Working Link: http://roma-fics.livejournal.com/26551.html
Gender-varying character(s): Draco/Jolene
Pairing (if any, or gen): Harry/Draco
Status (WIP/complete/art/etc.): complete
Rating: NC-17
Creator's Summary: Harry comes back from a mandatory holiday and finds that an Auror raid on his favourite establishment could expose his biggest secret. However, another has even more secrets than he does at stake.
Contributor's Comments: One of the few gender-bending stories that writes the performativity of gender perfectly. Draco and Jolene are two very different beings, even though they share a body. The story has a believable, heart-breaking backstory, an awesome adult, sexually confident Harry, and the most sizzling sex.

HP Themes: Gender Variations

Title: Take These Lies
Author: white_serpent
Working Link: http://hd-fan-fair.livejournal.com/13322.html
Gender-varying character(s): Draco Malfoy | Aquila Macmillan
Pairing (if any, or gen): Harry/Draco
Status (WIP/complete/art/etc.): complete
Rating: R
Creator's Summary: Repeatedly rejected by the Auror training program, Draco Malfoy attempts an unorthodox disguise to gain admission.
Contributor's Comments: Incredible story-telling with a gender-swap premise that works perfectly. Great plot, awesome characterisation of everybody involved, UST to blow your mind.

Title: Glamour
Author: silentauror
Working Link: http://archive.skyehawke.com/story.php?no=18822&chapter=1
Gender-varying character(s): Draco | Denise, Nicole
Pairing (if any, or gen): Harry/Draco
Status (WIP/complete/art/etc.): complete
Rating: NC-17
Creator's Summary: Harry is given an assignment: to assist Draco Malfoy as he carries out a month-long disguise that turns out to reveal more than it hides in the end.
Contributor's Comments: Says sesheta_66: OMG. So awesome! Seriously awesome. Guh! I have nothing to add. ;)

Re: HP Themes: Gender Variations

I see you managed to get here before me. ;) SUCH a great fic!

Re: HP Themes: Gender Variations

♥ I hope it was okay to quote you. But you summed up my feelings so nicely. :)

Edited at 2011-10-23 05:27 pm (UTC)

Re: HP Themes: Gender Variations

No problem at all. (I was busy re-reading it while you posted this. ;D)

Title: Girl Stuff and the Boys
Author: gatewaygirl
Ship: HP/DM
Archive: http://www.the-archive.net/viewstory.php?sid=2556
Summary: Written for Perposterice to fulfill the summary Hermione and Draco become head boy and girl stuff happens! Hermione was chosen for Head Girl, but has managed a magical sex change over the summer. Now Hogwarts has two Head Boys, but Draco wants his counterpart's advice in a few things ... and Harry wants to know if Malfoy wears lipstick. (HP/DM + male!HG)
Transsexual Trans Transvestite Cross Dressing lgbt


Title: Pigfeathers
Author: Alchemia Dent and Bugland
Archive: http://www.intertexius.com/pf.htm
Summary: Harry has grown past being The Boy Who Lived, but not everyone understands. Post War Post HBP
Transsexual, Trans, Transsexualism, MtF, Male to Female, Gender, Gender Switch/Gender change, Gender Dysphoria Unrequited


Title: divine-nataku's Girl Who Lived fanart and fics
Creator: http://divine-nataku.deviantart.com/
Link: http://divine-nataku.deviantart.com/gallery/11619288
Gender-varying character: female!Harry
Pairing: Gen and Harri/Neville
Status: Various fanart and ficlets
Rating: PG

Do fics have to be in English? I have another fem!Harry AU, but it's in Spanish...

Title: Ombra mai fu, Or Being the Beginning of the Very True Story of Minerva McGonagall and Elphinstone Urquart
Creator: tetleythesecond
Working Link: http://hoggywartyxmas.livejournal.com/20143.html
Gender-varying character(s): Elphinstone Urquart
Pairing (if any, or gen): Minerva/Elphinstone
Status (WIP/complete/art/etc.): Complete
Rating: NC-17
Creator's Summary: Did you read the latest biographical essay on Minerva McGonagall? Well, the author certainly got a few basic facts right, one has to give her that. Alas, there are those who say that her interpretation of them leaves to be desired, and this writer tends to concur. So let us begin setting the accounts right by telling the beginning of the very true story of Minerva McGonagall and Elphinstone Urquart ...

Contributor's Comments: This is a gorgeous fic that touches on gender identity, history, class... you name it... all in the context of an unconventional romance and a familiar character's thoughts about identity. And there's opera... did I mention the opera?

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