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HP Themes

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New Theme: HOLIDAYS!
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hpthemes_mods wrote in hpthemes
And a Happy New Year to all!

RL totally bogged us me down in December, and sadly, hpthemes fell off my priorities list in the haze of paper-writing and being ill. But we're back for the new year, and one Resolution is to not have any weeks/months offline this year!

In this spirit, we offer a theme to kick thing off:


See, we all know that fans all over the world have been gorging themselves on holiday works (gifts for the holidays as well as holiday-themed fanworks) for the past several weeks, and how better to prepare for dreary days ahead than to bank some of those works in a handy-dandy theme list?

So please, give us all of your favourite holiday-themed fanworks. We're specifically looking for works having to do with the holidays that fall in December, though we'll take all comers. *grin*

To be even more specific, by "holiday-themed", we mean fanworks that feature the "holiday season" as a major aspect—for instance, though there are an abundance of fics and artworks up at hd_holidays, not all of them feature Chanukah/Christmas/Solstice/Yule. This theme is for the ones that do.

Added two days later: HAVE A TEMPLATE!!

For your pimping pleasure, have banner code:

Got rec-worthy works that don't fit the theme of Holidays? Please pop over to our Master List of Themes and find appropriate themes for your recs! Or PM the mods with a suggestion for a new theme!

Thanks all! And once more, HAPPY NEW YEAR and HAPPY RECCING!

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You, la_localfreak are amazing. Thanks for giving us recs, even though I totally failed to give YOU a template!

xo, songquake

lol, awwh, you're welcome. It's no trouble really- any fic I save is on a word document following a template I made years back, so it was only the holiday type I had to write.

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