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HP Themes

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HP fests
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hpthemes_mods wrote in hpthemes
I figured it won't hurt to promote some HP fests that came to my attention. If you guys know of more HP wide fests (those that allow all pairings, slash, het, femslash, and gen, all ratings etc) let me know and I'll post their promotion information. Go prompt, write, draw, and come back to rec!

hpchallengefest is a fest dedicated to pushing personal boundaries and trying something new!
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Do you want fests that are prompting? Or can they be posting? Or finished?

hprarefest Coming in July?

hp_harlequin posting now :)

hp_getlucky Mar - just finished

do_me_veela Feb

hp_creatures Oct

harry_submits this past Jan

mini_fest Dec

daisychain_drab (not exactly a fest? but sort of)

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