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HP Themes

Where fics are recced by theme...

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jaime27 wrote in hpthemes

Hello again. I hope everyone has had a lovely week... My week was rather long, but TGIF  :)

Before we get to this week's theme, I have a few things that I want to tell you before hand. Last week's illness/sick!Character theme did quite well, and we got quite a bit of recs. So you guys should stay tuned and check in sometime tomorrow for the info. Also, I figured that I'd let you know that the Party Games theme went from under twenty recs to over seventy. And there are quite a few different pairings, so I suggest you take a peek if you're interested.

For this week's theme, I thought we'd continue working on the Creature fics. So without further adieu, this week's theme is Veela recs. For subthemes, simply tell me who the veela is. As always, happy reccing! ~Jaime

~~EDIT: Recs can include canon Veelas, as long as they have some important (ish) role, and are not just mentioned.

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I'm quite suprised to find I don't have many fics on my list that are veela!fics (unless I have shoddily omitted the veela detail in my notes...) but here are the couple I have:
Title: Alvaltas
Author: Tinanit Enozym
Ship: HP/DM
Archive: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1611708/1/
Summary: Post OotP. Harry finds out something very disturbing- he isn’t human but a rare species called Alvaltas who when in heat can be very very dangerous.WIP
Bonding, Mating, Non-Human/Inhuman Harry Veela!Draco Creature

*Title: Family Means More than Blood
Author: Wings of a Dream
Ship: HP/DM unreq HP/LV
Archive: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2968030/1/Family_Means_More_Than_Blood
Summary: A prophecy made in 1975 drastically changes the life of the boy who should have been known as Harry Potter.
Adoption Adopt Adopted AU Snape Adopts Harry Lily and James Alive Elves Elf Elvish Religion Religious Pagan Catholic Christian Veela! Draco Powerful Harry Pacificst

The link to Alvaltas is dead, and unfortunately I can't seem to find an alternative link. So if anyone finds one, please let me know so I can add it to the list. ~Jaime

Whoops, sorry about that. I've had a hunt round but it looks like that one's pretty much gone for good....shows how long it's been since I put that one on the list really...

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