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New Theme: Death
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As promised, we have a new theme this week (and will get back on track by having a new theme next week, as well...stay tuned!).

It's a downer, but when it's well-done, this week's theme can be stunningly moving:


Cheery, innit?

The fanworks can involve the grief of another character, a character's realisation that s/he is going to die (hm, where did that idea come from?), the process of physical deterioration unto death, what happens on the Other Side of the Veil—really, there so many ways death has been interpreted in fandom!

(I seem to remember an HP/Discworld crossover involving Death, too—I'll have to go dig that up!)

Here's your template:

So come forth and rec, everybody! We can't wait to see your suggestions!

Catch-up! Catch-up!
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Hi, have you missed us? We've missed you!

Between summer laziness and the DDoS attacks over the past several weeks, we're really behind in our posts—and our last several themes have had woefully few entries! We're therefore begging everyone to add to the lists from the past few weeks:

(We've got only 15 recs so far!)

(Only 6 recs!)

(Only 14 recs!)

(Only 4(!) recs!)

I'm also about to announce the new theme for this week, but please do go back and give some love to the last few themes we've had. I know we all get busy, and that the DDOS mess was particularly harsh on the Birthday theme, but the usefulness of our service lives and dies by the number and quality of the recs we get. We want to be a really, really awesome resource to the Harry Potter community at large, but it takes a village to raise a fantastically-recommended child!

Love, songquake for hpthemes_mods

PARTY GAMES!! (an update)
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Well, it's Harry's and Neville's birthday today, and they are in need of some party games...

This week we are asking you for an update on PARTY GAMES!

At the link above, please add any fics and art that you love and that feature party games!

You could use this code if you find it helpful:

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O Hail, Gang of Reccers!

We apologise for not getting the request for submissions on our new theme out on time -- it seems real life got in the way of both mods again (well, plus LiveJournal has been rather tetchy these past couple of days). We shall endeavour to do better!

Now, onto our new theme. Since the Seventh Month is dying, our theme is...


Any story/art/fanvid/fanmix featuring anyone's birthday is welcome! We want to see the celebratory, the ridiculous, the mundane, the milestones, the poignant, and even the sad. Gifts! No gifts! Self-entertainment! Lavish affairs! If someone's birthday is happening in a particularly evocative fashion, we want to see a rec!

And since 2010 was the year in which Harry's class turned 30 and the Marauders' class turned 50, we expect to see quite the complement of recs, people.

Please use the form below to make your recommendations:

So, Happy Birthday, and Happy Reccing!

songquake and lost_stray_cat

Got New Werewolf Recs?
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In March 2010 we ran this theme, which was quite successful and you can see the great recs it gathered here:


Please leave your new recs at the above link and just let us know who the werewolf is. As always, all pairings, ratings, gen, het, slash and femslash are welcome, as well as any form of fanwork (fic, art, vid, etc). You can use this template if you like:

Not in the UK
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Sorry everyone for both myself (lost_stray_cat) and songquake disappearing on you for 2 weeks. Between traveling, getting too relaxed and forgetful due to being on vacation, or being too busy with school and work, or getting too disoriented with the summer heat etc, for various reasons both she and I have skipped couple of weeks. So I'm just going to jump right in with a new theme.

Since July is basically a travel month for many people, the new theme is TRAVEL. This absolutely includes all those fics and art that are Set in a Foreign Location (outside the UK) (such as fics featuring Fleur in France or Bill in Egypt, Vampires in Romania...or character who moves to another country (e.g., to the US), and so on), Exotic Locales (could be made-up places or real, desert island, etc), or the characters are sent Somewhere Unfamiliar (anywhere that's outside the UK - such as ancient Rome or Greece, etc)...there are so many possibilities. This is such a fun theme with so many amazing fics and art that exist on this theme, and many of you have asked for it, so I hope to see many, many recs!

We will be asking for Who and Where. Use this template (only if you find it helpful):

I will be posting soon the totals for May and June. In the mean time, have fun reccing, and enjoy your summer!

Coming Out
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When I asked songquake why she marked COMING OUT to be one of the themes in June, this is how she explained it to me:

" In the US, most big cities celebrate gay pride in June, and in NYC and San Francisco (I think), it's the last weekend in June (to commemorate the anniversary of the Stonewall riots in 1968 in New York City). And I think it's a less common theme now than it was when the fandom was younger -- it's like, the fans have gotten over the dissonance between canon sexuality and slash, and aren't writing so much of it any more. Even so, it's a topic that I think could bear much fruit. No pun intended. Or maybe it was... But "coming out" can also be broad enough to include things like admitting to one's community that one is a Wizard (or Squib, or Muggleborn), or coping with one's best friend's sexual orientation. "

There you have it! No one could have explained it better, which is why I am quoting her in full! :-) So to mark the GLBT Pride month in June, for the next 2 weeks we are looking for your best loved fics with this theme. However you can expand this theme to include situations where a character comes out (or is outed) by revealing any sort of information about self that was previously unknown or which was kept secret (or dealing with such revelations about others). I don't know what it might be, but if it fits, include it in your recs!

Updating a previously used theme: Physical Disabilities
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I am traveling the next couple of days so I'm posting this a day early. Please rec your favourite fics and art with physical disabilities (as opposed to mental illness which will come later on).

Please add your recs to this link: PHYSICAL DISABILITIES. There is already a long list of comments there, so it might be easier to quickly see the list here on delicious, to see if the ones you want to rec are already there or not.

If you are not sure if it's a physical disability - for example in cases such as brain injuries or curses and magical maladies - then see if it affects the person mostly in a physical way or mostly mentally/emotionally.

I love this theme too, so I'm pretty excited, again, to see your recs!!! :D

Here is a template for you to use if you like. We are asking for who has disability and what their disability is.

(Using a template is not a must. Use it or not, whatever you find is easier to do.)

And as a reminder, the current NEW theme awaiting more of your fabulous recs is Slavery ♥.

New Theme: SLAVERY
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It's the first Friday in June, and our new theme is here. This theme has been requested by quite a few people initially when Jaime started the group, and it also happens to be one of (many) themes I love:


Your favorite fics and art that feature slavery are wanted! As a subtheme, tell us who the slave characters are. I am looking forward to seeing your recs!!

The Horcrux of themes past, and a reminder to post recs for ALTERNATE CHILDHOODS
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Hello, happy reccers!

Apologies again for being behind the curve, but this weekend has got completely away from me. I'm not sure how posting this so late on a Sunday night (at least so late on a Sunday night on the East Coast of the US) will go, but at least the US has a bank holiday tomorrow. So I expect you to all spend some of your holiday reccing fics/art/vids!

This fortnight, we are revisiting the theme of SPORTS and COMPETITIONS. Please do remember to leave your recs at the original post (what the theme title links to!).

We want to hear about Quidditch, Football (either variety), boxing, flying races, Quodpot, Gobstones, Wizard Chess. Whatever competitions/sports you've seen, bring us recs!

Here's a template for y'all to use on the theme post if you like:

And please do continue to post recs for ALTERNATE CHILDHOODS. The variety we've got so far is pretty awesome, but there have been only two contributors thus far, and we'd love to have even more recs!

Thanks lots, and (as always) Happy Reccing!

xo, songquake for hpthemes_mods

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Hello, Lovely Reccers!

I apologize for posting the new theme two days late; life got a bit away from me this weekend. Similarly, I haven't got the count for our HURT/COMFORT theme quite yet (so everyone can certainly keep reccing there!). And our request for updates on the FLUFF/ROMANCE theme is still open!

However, while weeks may come and go, the theme does not stay the same! So, our new theme is:


Do you know a fanwork in which Lily and James I survived? Where Harry was raised by an adult who was not one of the Dursleys? How about Draco being raised outside of Malfoy Manor or Hermione being raised in the Magical world? Molly and Arthur raising their children as Pureblood-supremacists? Blaise Zabini being raised by his biological father (or being raised by a mother whose spouses didn't *cough* die? Ariana Dumbledore not being attacked by Muggles as a child?

Any and all deviations from canon regarding a character's upbringing are welcome! And for the purposes of this theme, we'd like to see stories in which the upbringing is different, rather than the Hogwarts years.

For this theme, we want to know whose childhood is different.

For your ease in reccing (and our ease in using your recs), please use the following template:

We look forward to seeing what you all come up with! Happy Reccing!

songquake, writing for hpthemes_mods

Keep the Recs Coming!
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Er, that sounded a bit dirty. But we like dirty over here at hpthemes!

Making our way through the list of past themes, it is time again to update our rec list for


As jaime27 describes the theme:
This means candle-light dinners, romantic evenings, incredibly sweet proposals, etc. Anything that just makes you want to turn into mush. As for subthemes, I can't really think of anything, so for this week, there will be no subthemes.

We couldn't agree more!

This revisited theme dovetails nicely with the current theme:


We have only had about 18 recs so far under Hurt/Comfort, and most of them are slash. And yet... There could be SO MANY MORE. So let's have a lot of recs on both of these!

And, as always, happy reccing!

PS - please remember NOT to comment with your recs here; click on the links to the theme pages so that all the recs for each theme are in the same place. Thanks!

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Hello, folks! First weekend of the month, so we have a new theme for everyone. This happens to be one of lost_stray_cat's absolute favourite themes, so let's get her some awesome recs! The theme is:


We're looking for fanworks about heartbreak, betrayal, torture, injury, argument, trauma—and the healing power of love and comfort. (Note: full healing is not mandatory! Nor is healing!sex.) This could be within the context of a romance or a friendship. All characters/pairings are very welcome.

For this theme, we want to know who has been hurt.

Give us your tired, your poor, your tortured masses yearning to be snuggled!

And it's still not too late to add contributions to our catch-up theme of Vampire recs! Feel free to add to that, or any other themes on the Master List of Recs.

Cheers, and happy reccing!

songquake, on behalf of hpthemes_mods

Totals for the Month of April
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I am all caught up with bookmarking on Delicious and updating our Master List of Recs on LiveJournal.

I was surprised and pleased that we got 21 recs on WWW-Products, Pranks, and Jokes theme, as I didn't think we would get that many. :)

We got 13 recs for Kinks.

Our call for updating Deaging (and here) got 4 recs, and updating Vampires (also here) got 5 recs.

♥ Thank you everyone for your recs! ♥

And stay tuned for a new theme (one that has been much requested and which is also one of my favourites), coming tomorrow! :D

Catch Up Week
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It's the 5th Friday of the month and a catch up time! Thank you to everyone who has already recced, and the rest of you have a chance this week to catch up with reccing on any of our past themes.

Especially, our Kink Theme needs some extra love! We expect to see a lot more Kinky recs from everyone. :-)

Thank you, and happy reccing!

p.s. I also promise to catch up on my part of keeping everything up to date.

Update on VAMPIRES
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Hello everyone,

Are your favourite vampire stories already on the Vampire Recs list? If not, do add your comment with your recs here: VAMPIRE

Reminder: Also, I hope to see a lot more kinky recs! Please go to the post below or follow this link: KINKS

Use this template for Vampire recs (if you find it helpful to use):

New Theme: Kinks
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This week's theme is KINKS! Just tell us which kinks so we can tag accordingly. If you need help or inspiration check out tags at hp_kinkfest or daily_deviant.
Have fun!

Update on: Deaging
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I love this theme! What wonderful and new deaging fanworks have been created in the last 14 months since this theme was featured here? Do you know of fics/art you want to recommend on this theme that are not already at the link below?

Please rec your favorites by going to the link below, and add your recs to the ever growing list of some of the greatest deaging fanworks that HP fandom has to offer. :-)


New Themes: WWW products, Pranks, & Jokes
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Today is the 1st of April - Fools Day - and the Weasley Twins' birthday. In honor of the day, we are asking for your recs of stories and art that feature Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes products and/or other Jokes and Pranks. In case of the jokes and pranks, just let us know who is playing a joke/prank on whom. You can use the form below if you find it easier that way. Thank you and happy reccing!

This fortnight's resurrected theme and a reminder!
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Hello, everybody!

In honor of the fact that this blast-from-the-past theme period includes April Fool's day, I've decided to allow us all to once again rec our favorite HUMOUR FANWORKS.

We've got a LOT of recs there already, so everyone should totally look at the list if they need cheering up :) Also, I'd like to place a call especially for FUNNY ART. I know there are some VERY funny comics around, and we'd love for them to be well-represented!

Here's a nice template for your HUMOUR recs:

Also, we're still looking for more Recs for IMMORTALITY/MASTER OF DEATH. We've only got six so far, and I know there are more out there!

Happy weekend, and happy reccing!

Love, songquake


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