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Where Harry Potter fanworks are recced by theme
This is a Harry Potter Fandom Fanworks Reccing community, that uses themes to find fics and art.

On the first and third Friday of every month, mods will post a new theme. We ask members of the community to add their most favourite fics and art that fit the theme. (For example, if the theme was Azkaban, people are invited to rec their favourite fanworks that feature Azkaban.) The mods will endeavour to save all of the recs received into our DELICIOUS and our PINBOARD accounts, before the next theme is posted. Our bookmarks on delicious (mirrored to pinboard) are tagged with themes, subthemes, pairings, ratings, and status (WIP or complete, etc). Our pinboard account is also set to automatically archive the bookmarked web pages. If more recs get added to our LJ community posts after the two-week period is up, we will add them to the masterlists on delicious and pinboard as soon as we can.


1- For each theme, we provide a reccing format for your convenience. You may fill the form for each rec to make it easier. The form will ask for the title, author/artist, any subthemes (for each theme mods will explain what subthemes there might be, if any), and whenever possible please provide a WORKING LINK TO THE UNLOCKED WORK. Friends-only or password-protected links will only be bookmarked if absolutely no other link is available. We will also ask for the status of the fanwork: WIP, complete, oneshot, abandoned, etc, just so we can let everyone know (and tag them correctly).

2- Be kind, be respectful. We don't all have to agree on what makes something rec-worthy; your mods trust your judgment.

3- Please stick to the theme in the post. We trust everyone to be honest about what goes under which theme, and will not necessarily be checking every single rec to make sure it fits. The comm will only work as a rec-by-theme community if we all try our best to be accurate.

4- Fics, art, vids, and all types of art and craft are welcome, as long as the fanworks correspond to the theme in question. This includes all characters, all pairings (threesomes, moresomes, any male/female combinations) het, slash, femslash, and lack of pairings, such as gen. In short – EVERYTHING you think is rec-worthy is accepted in this community, as long as it's from Harry Potter Fandom and fits a given theme.

5- When perusing our lists and recs, use caution and use your judgment! We DO NOT LIST SPECIFIC WARNINGS, nor do we ask our reccers to mention any warnings (though they certainly can if they choose to do so), so please check the author's warnings. Some of our themes are commonly used as warnings (non-con, death!fic, child abuse, etc); a theme that for someone might be their squick, for someone else it might be their preferred theme, and it is entirely possible that we have used/will use it as a featured theme in this community at some point.

6- We want all our themed lists fresh and up-to-date! Please take some time to look at the old themes and if you have a wonderful rec not yet listed, add it in to the original LiveJournal post (so that all recs on the same theme are in the same post instead of scattered around).

7- We welcome suggestions and feedback.

Disclaimer: Someone mentioned that mods would be taking credits for these recs, so we thought that this would be the place to credit HPthemes members. They are the people that keep this community full of recs. Thanks to everyone who participates in this community.

If anyone has any questions, do not hesitate to ask. PM one of the mods to ask.


The wonderful banner, and the community icon, were made by jaime27's lovely sister. Thanks :)